Peggy at the Mic

Is That All There Is??

You Go To My Head!

Mindy Simmons sings Peggy Lee's hit from the 30's thru the 80's.

With a Jazz combo behind her, Mindy emulates the humor, finesse and sultry style of the late great Miss Peggy Lee.

Singing the songs of Miss Lee and sharing stories of her fascinating life, Mindy Simmons takes the audience on a journey through Peggy's 45 year career in the music industry. One fan put it this way....

"We were transported back in time to a kinder gentler era last night as Mindy Simmons brought her band and an outstanding presentation of Ms. Lee to South Florida. She told stories about the legendary torch singer (and one of the Nation's first singer songwriters) as she displayed an artistry that has evolved over the last 2 decades. Her timing and intonation, the subtle moves and lovely arrangements brought the audience back in time to when music was heard only on the radio and in 'live' settings, like the Cafe. Mindy flowed through the evening mixing humor and emotion with style and grace. The atmosphere was truly electric. We had a wonderful time."

At the music, Leni and David, patrons,
Main Street Cafe, Homestead, Fl

Says another....

"Mindy Simmons and her band presents an evening not to be forgotten. Her tribute program to Miss Peggy Lee filled our 275 seat theater to standing room only capacity! We had to turn away over 200 patrons coming to hear Miss Simmons croon in the Peggy Lee style. And we already have her booked to come back this November!"

Phil Kavanaugh, music events co-ordinator,
Martin County Library System, Stuart, Fl

To see and hear more about Mindy's concert program go to her YouTube video .

To learn more about Miss Peggy Lee and to order her autobiography go to The Offical site of Miss Peggy Lee

To book "IS THAT ALL THERE IS" contact the folks at MindyMusic by emailing Mindy Simmons or calling: 941-685-1010.

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